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Geneva, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) The World Radiocommunication Conference recognized Wednesday that US transmissions against Cuba are illegal, thus causing irritation among US representatives at the forum.

After three weeks of negotiations, the conference of technical experts from several countries rejected this practice.

"Radio transmissions from an aircraft only toward the territory of another government, and without its consent," contravenes radio communication regulations," the conference decided.

Diplomats interviewed by Prensa Latina said "this is a firm rejection of measures implemented by the Bush government in the last years.

The plenary meeting also indicated that Washington has not stopped the prejudicial interference of Cuban broadcast services, despite several requests by the Radiocommunications Office.

Regarding that, it urged the United States to adopt the necessary measures to resolve this and asked the International Telecommunications Union to inform on related progress in coming meetings.

After the remarks, the US delegation decided to withdraw from the agreement and, clearly challenging the meeting, said the illegal transmission policy toward Cuba will be maintained.

According to participants, with its stance the United States corroborated its disrespect of multilateralism, and its once again arrogant style in an international event.



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