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This year’s annual José Martí Dinner and Dance included a special raffle with proceeds going to the Canadian Network on Cuba’s (CNC’s) campaign to support Cuban medial workers in West Africa helping victims of the Ebola epidemic. Donated prizes included a set of Cuban Baseball cards, a baseball cap made of repurposed Cuban Cristal Beer cans, a painting of José Martí, a CD of the all women Cuban band Maquque, and a novel about Cuba, Anita’s Revolution by Shirley Langer. About $150 was raised on the raffle. The winner of the baseball cap said that it was for her granddaughter whose name was “Cristal”!

The delicious dinner, prepared by volunteers was followed with a desert of creamy, yummy Cuban Flan. The diner’s spirits were nourished as well with greetings from Cuban Consul, Javier Dómokos Ruiz talking about the release of the Cuban Five and the struggles ahead. Julio Fonseca, President of the Juan Gualberto Goméz Association of Cubans living in Toronto brought greetings and support to the work of the CCFA Toronto. Elizabeth Hill, CCFA President, talked of the tradition of celebrating José Martí’s birth date, and the work of the CCFA Toronto. Liz described how it was she who had made eleven flans in just two days and how she had to place them in the snow on her back porch to cool (luckily, the neighbourhood racoons didn’t get to the flans first).

As always, Pablo Terry and Sol de Cuba brought participants to the dance floor with the lively, beautiful Cuban music.

Master of Ceremonies, Juan Carranza delightfully guided everyone through the evening with his humour and deep commitment and understanding of solidarity with Cuba.

The CCFA Toronto thanks all of the volunteers who helped in solidarity in every capacity — from preparing the congri, to making the coleslaw, to tending the bar, to serving food and helping with the final big cleanup including washing piles and piles of dishes. Working together helps to bring people closer and build community in the true Cuban spirit!





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