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"70% of Cubans were born under the Blockade"

"In Cuba we study free and in Chile ?"

"Hasta la victoria siempre" is the famous "Unto victory forever".

"One of the most noble ways of serving the nation is to dedicate one's self to work"

Here's a new one:

"What barbarians, they have liberated a terrorist."

These photos were taken in 1986. The signs were along the Via Blanca between Matanzas and Varadero.

This translates to, "So that they grow."

"So that they love."

"So that they live."

"So that they create."

"We fight for peace."

"Socialism or death!"

This photo was taken in Havana in 1990.

This one says it all...

"The flags of the revolution and of socialism won't be surrendered without a fight."

Near Hotel Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos in 1991

"We are happy here."

"Moncada - Victory of Ideas"

"Forward - With hard work and dreams"