Goodbye Good Friend... Print

The Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association (CCFA) Toronto is deeply saddened by the sudden death on March 30th 2013 of Peter Kormos, a dear friend in the Cuban solidarity movement.

During his 23 years as a Member of the Ontario Legislature, Peter Kormos was well known as a strong advocate for the working class.  The citizens in Niagara Region elected Peter to Regional Council just over a year ago.  He was a principled and outspoken fighter against injustice as well as for better living conditions for people in Ontario.

Peter attended many of the CCFA Toronto events. At almost every Toronto-Cuba Friendship Day at Nathan Phillips Square, Peter Kormos’s strong voice rang out across the Square.  Peter spoke passionately about Cuba, for its outstanding accomplishments in the face of a powerful enemy as well as it being a beautiful country with warm and friendly people.  He called for the immediate release of the five Cubans unjustly held  in US jails because of their attempts in Miami to prevent terrorism against Cuba.  He strongly condemned the US Blockade of Cuba, usually ending his comments with “Cuba Si – Florida No!

We will miss him dearly.  

Elizabeth Hill, President
Canadian Cuban Friendship Association Toronto