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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Sunday, August 13, 2017
CCLA Art & Lit. Fest.

2017, CCLA Art and Lit Fest – Sunday, August 13
Supermarket Restaurant and Bar – Kensington Market, Toronto
268 Augusta Ave. 416-840-0501

FREE Entry
All Are Welcome – Pass the word

2:30 – 6pm
Followed by Dinner in Main Restaurant
All Are Welcome

1 – Welcome Remarks from CCLA President Richard Grove / Tai – 10 Minutes – including intro of Bottom of the Wine Jar

2 – Canadian Book Launch of “Bottom of the Wine Jar, Bridges Series III / El fondo del porrón, Serie puentes III” by Lisa Makarchuk, Daniel Díaz Mantilla, Patrick Connors, Ronel González Sánchez – Tai – Readings by Lisa Makarchuk (CCLA Canadian VP), Patrick Connors (CCLA Ambassador) – 30 Minutes (15 minutes each will include their preambles)

3 – Greetings from the Consul of Cuba, – 5 Minutes?

4 – Break – Meet and Greet – 20 Minutes

5 – Introduction of book, “Cuba Solidarity in Canada” – 30 Minutes – Two authors, Elizabeth Hill and Lisa Makarchuk, from the collection of essays, Cuba Solidarity In Canada edited by Nino Pagliccia. The two authors will speak about their chapters in the book. Lisa's chapter is entitled "...the Sixties in Cuba Through a Canadian's Eyes" Elizabeth’s is entitled "Reaching Out and Building Friendship - the Beginning of a Movement". Both authors have been involved in Cuba solidarity work since the sixties and both have received the Medal of Friendship awarded by Cuba's Council of State.

6 – Break – Meet and Greet – 10 Minutes

7 – Ama Luna – 15 Minutes

8 – Charles Smith – 15 Minutes

9 – Open Mic for CCLA members Reading – MCed by Patrick – 30 Minutes

10 – 6pm – Dinner in Main Restaurant – Meet, Greet and Eat (If we get permission from the restaurant we will do a pop up reading.)

Saturday, August 19, 2017
Salsa In The City Square

Salsa in the City Square
22nd Toronto-Cuba Friendship Day

Saturday August 19, 2017
4:30 – 7:30 pm
Nathan Phillips Square (Bay and Queen)


Organized by: Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association Toronto, Cuban Association Juan Gualberto Gomez, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network

Join the Celebration of Cuban Culture…

  • Dance to hot Cuban rhythms featuring Joaquin Nunez and Son Cuba
  • Take Salsa dance lessons
  • Enjoy Cuban food
  • Learn about Cuba at community information displays

Produced by volunteers

Contact Info : Liz - 416 654-7105

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