Accents on Volunteer Brigade to Cuba Print

Early in February, a Café Cuba jointly held by CCFA Toronto and Accents on Eglinton Bookstore jointly organized an informative presentation on the Che Guevara Volunteer Brigade to Cuba. Brigade leader, Dave Thomas showed pictures and explained the events of the Canadian brigade last year.   Cuban Consul General Jorge Soberon and consul Raul Delgado were introduced to the audience.  

The Che Guevara Brigade is part of the work of the Canadian Network on Cuba. This is the 20th Anniversary Brigade.  It will spend almost three weeks in the Holguin area, doing volunteer work with Cubans, and learning about life in Cuba.  The brigade departs from Toronto on April 29th and returns on May 18th.  Already over 32 ‘brigadistas’ of all ages have registered from across Canada and more three new applications were received at the Café Cuba event.

Accents Bookstore at Eglinton and Dufferin was a wonderful location to hold the event – with a large meeting room downstairs and plenty of literature on Africa and the Caribbean and many progressive books upstairs to browse through.  

Anyone interested in finding out more about the brigade can check out their website.